A Little Look Forward

Another year has come and gone, rather unceremoniously for myself.  The last half of year saw my writing efforts really peter out.  I don’t think anyone wants to read a half baked recap so lets continue to look forward and I hope to get all of my 2018 painting all together in a nice look back. Just for the sake of having something, here’s an the Anniversary Primaris Veteran Sergeant turned into something interesting as part of CK Studios Secret Selfish Santa.

Iron within, Iron without.

I realize we’re half way through February of 2019 but I have some goals for the first half of the year and see how it goes.

For Painting the plan is to go outside the comfort zone and work on some Xenos.  I’ve started working on some Dark Eldar and hope to get a small force up and running by the summer.  I will also continue with “All My Chapters”.

Currently scheme I’m thinking of going with for my Dark Eldar

In other artistic venues, this will be the year I pick up my Wacom Tablet and start learning how to draw with a computer.  Another goal was to take a credit either for my Art Fundamentals Certificate or my Adult Education Certificate.  There is a Photoshop course that I could count towards that Art Certificate, and thus two birds with one stone.

Finally travel.  It will be 10 years since I’ve last visited my homeland of the West Coast.  I think a trip to Vancouver Island is in store.

So that is it.  I’m not dead.  But this blog basically has been.  So it’s time pump some new life into it with some new experiences and progress.  Hopefully your year has been going well so far.


Return to Ultramar Event

This weekend I will be participating in a large Apocolypse event. Two other Imperial Guard Players and myself will join forces to halt a massing horde of Orks.  I wrote up a little narrative from the Imperial point of view and figured I would share it here.



Not since the first great betrayal experienced by the Sons of Ultramar ten millennia ago had the Five Hundred Worlds witnessed this scale of war.  The Theatre of War being waged by the various forces of Chaos seemed almost all consuming. It was taking virtually all of Guiliman’s various and vast military might to counter the sundry armies of the Ruinous Powers.  Though being currently contained this war was still precariously close to the precipice of defeat. It was under these conditions that a large group of Greenskins entered the Ultima Segmentum from the southern fringes.

The first warnings of this untimely invasion came from astropathic distress calls from the Fortress World of Ongrath.  Guilliman had none of his own prodigney to spare against what theortically seen as the lesser threat. The Ultramarine’s Primarch initially requested the Sons of Garro to lead a coalition of Imperial Forces to the defense of Ongrath. If the relief forces arrived after the fall of Ongrath, then the repulsion of the Xenos threat and the recapture of Ongrath would be the requirement. Nar Estani the Repented, Captain of the 4th Company, Sons of Garro gathered several Guard Regiments from Krieg, Cadia, and Valhalla, along with voluntary assistances from the Order of Our Martyred Lady lead by the venerable Canoness Kane.

To Guilliman this force seemed easily sufficient for the practical application of a complete annihilation against a foe who surely must had suffered under the Cicatrix Maledictum as much as any other race in the Galaxy. No doubt this would have been the case if said force had arrived as expected.  Instead, piecemeal, various Astra Militarum Regiments entered the system. Initially out gunned, the scattered Imperial Navy fleet kited the Ork capital ships while waiting for more of the response armada to arrive and regroup with. Though the bulk of the Guard Regiments had arrive, there was still no word of either the Sons of Garro or the Order of Our Martyred Lady.  Believed to be possibly lost in Warp, word was sent back to Guilliman.


Exacerbated by the complications of this nuisance, Guilliman found assistance offered where once it had been given. First was Company Master Helbron of the Dark Angels, freshly in the system as reinforcements. Then came Commander Dante of the Blood Angels, arriving to repay what the Chapter saw was a recent debt to their salvation on Baal.  It was not without a sense of nostalgia that Guilliman thought back to a similar time, many thousands of years ago, when these three Legions worked together for a common cause. Guilliman was grateful that both Dante and Helbron and their respective Chapters would be the spearhead to deal with this threat. Preparing there fleets, both Commanders made good time to Ongrath to lead the resistance.  To their surprise, the Fortress World still stood. They worked quickly to organize the deployment and reinforcement of Ongrath.

At the time of deployment; the Imperial roll call was recorded as such:


Astra Militarum

Lord Marshal Gallien- overall Astra Militarum Command

317st Cadian Regiment
56th Laurentian Guard Armoured Corp

Death Korps of Krieg Artillery Regiment 4077, 3rd Company

42nd Valhallan Armored Regiment, 6th Company

reinforced with Abhuman Auxiliary Platoon
1516th Super Heavy Regiment
2nd New Caledonian Super Heavy Regiment

Unknown Catachan Warrior

Knight Houses


House Raven
House Hawkshrowd

Titan Legions


Legio Metallica

Adeptus Astartes


Company Master Helbron

Dark Angels 5th Company, reinforced


Lord Commander Dante

Sanguinary Guard

Blood Angels 1st Company

Blood Angels 2nd Company

Reinforced with 10th Company Scouts.



Squad Blood Ravens


The Holy Orders of the Emperor’s Inquisition


Inquisitor Indalicia Sobrino de Hidalgo

Deathwatch Librarian Drasar Qarem

++-Redacted-++ Strike Force Raven Guard

++-Redacted-++ members of the Officio Assassinorum

Post Adepticon Roundup

Its been over a month since I loaded up the truck with Family and hobby stuff and struck out from Southern Ontario to the Windy City Suburbs.  Having recovered sufficiently and completed my Black Library Open Submission, I figured it was time to look back at the fun that was Adepticon.  This was my second year attending but my first being there for the full week.  And boy, what a trip.

The first half of the con was very mellow, much of it spent hanging out with the family, doing some shopping and hitting the pool.  I attended the Preview event by Games Workshop which was rather enjoyable and most of that content is available elsewhere. There was an FAQ following that was typically fruitless, so I decided to ask a question that was bugging me; when is “Made to Order” coming to Forge World and old Specialist Games? Though they have done Made to Order Blood Bowl and Necromunda, I was hoping for Man O War, Epic/Space Marine, and Battlefleet Gothic.

Exhibition hall was a dangerous place.  The first time around I had my wonderful wife Lisa with me to keep in check and be an enabler at the Forge World counter.  However it didn’t stop and the loot pile continued to grow…

I signed up for a couple of hobby workshops.  First up was Mr. Justin’s weathering class where we went over chipping with the salt method and hairspray method, which were techniques I’ve heard of but have never knew how they worked.  The second workshop was painting black and white with Caleb and Kat of CK Studio, another excellent learning opportunity.

Much of the week was spent hanging out with the family around the pool or locally.  I also had the opportunity to meet up with some of the folks who I’d met online in the community, such as Lucas (SonsofMedusa on the NPC Discord group).  First and foremost was Peter from the NGC 40K Podcast in which I was have some very enjoyable and enlightening conversations with.  Peter did much to help me solidify my own ideas for the recent Black Library submission which I completed.  To this end I also attended the “Writing for Black Library” panel which had BL authors Graham McNeil and Clint Werner to answer people’s question.  Hugely informative, that alone would be it’s own blog post so I won’t regurgitate it here.  This event was a huge pleasure as I was able to meet Graham, along with Clint and BL’s Adam Poole.  Definitely a panel I will attend again in the future.  Lastly I had the pleasure of meeting David Annandale at the Forge World area of the Exhibition hall.  I spoke briefly with him and had him sign a copy of “Warden of the Blade” which I had brought to read, not knowing he was going to be there.

As for gaming I ended up dropping out of the Combat Patrol on Saturday and but did attend a Horus Hersey Zone Mortalis event.  This was a double first for me, first Zone Mortalis and first game of Horus Hersey!  I played three excellent opponents whose name as I write this slip my mind (which I have written down in my Battle Journal at home..).  I’ll cut to the chase.  I lost all three.  Some to a poorly optimized list, which I stubbornly refused to switch, some due to poor choices, and finally some due to cheese.
Here’s my overly elite force of 500 poitns:

Delegatus with a Gladius, ten Breachers with two Meltaguns and a Contemptor with a Twin Lascannon.

My first game was played on an “exterior” board being fought in an industrial area and amounted to “King of the Hill”.  My Breachers made it to the top but slowly died to a 15 man Tactical Squad of Sons of Horus while my Contemptor met his fate at the hands of Cataphrati Terminators.

“Just some Tactical Marines?  No problem!”

My second game was against Emperor’s Children, including a Tactical Squad, a Tactical Support Squad, and a some dudes with fancy spears.  This game was really close!  The idea was to get to your opponents deployment zones.  I combat squad my Breachers and sent them up the left and right.  The left hand side was cut down by the Phoenix Guard in power armour but the right side mowed down his Tactical Support with Volkite in short order thanks to the Contemptor.  My Contemptor went charging after my oppenents other flank but the game ended on Turn 5, just shy of the Dreadnought finishing them off.  So close to victory!


My last game was a complete wash.  My opponent was a nice guy but my luck had totally abandon me.  He had a Word Bearer force (the perfect opponent) and what looked like much like mine.  10 Man Tactical, So sort of character and a Contemptor,  one of those Mhara Gal Tainted one.  Who knew it could walk through walls?

The Mhara Gal closed quickly with my forces and so my own Contemptor moved up to intercept.  Being only 3″ away, I rolled boxcars.  They had a system in which I could re-roll a dice but that would give my opponent a re-roll which he could use whenever and would be past back and forth like such.  So this seems to be the obvious case.  So I grab one of the dice and re-rolled it.  Once again a single pip on the die face stared up to me.  I had failed a charge distance of 3″ twice.  In his following turn.  His Mhara Gal took down my own Contemptor in one round and started wading into my Breachers the following turn.  Even my Meltaguns missed.  Fate had turned against me and that game ended as quick as it began, Breachers being slaughtered wholesale by the Tainted Dreadnought.


I spent the rest of the day hanging out with family.  On Sunday I got the chance to hang out with Todd and Warboss Dugg from TABLEWAR and helped them tear down their display.  I got in a game with Doug against his Ultramarines.  I looked forward to this game as a learning experience because Doug is a veteran tournament player and that is one of the weaker aspects of my own play.  We played basically Relic with the Open War deck.  I won’t get into specifics but Doug out played me combined with my historic bad luck (apparently make charges is not my thing) Doug got the relic deep into his lines and my Beta strike with my Blood Angels was blunted by his screening.  None the less, it was a pleasure playing him.


I was able to meet or see again some of the fine people of the fine people of the community, either podcasters or one of the many Facebook groups such as Carl, Adan, and Justin of Indepedent Characters, Peter of the NGC 40K, Blake and Ed of Life After the Cover Save, Chris Morgan of Forge the Narrative, Jason, Jon, and Brendan of the Sons of Heresy,  Caleb and Kat of CK Studios, Dave Gromely and Elizabeth Apke whom I know through the 1Houranight Facebook community, Scott, Kendrick, Nick, and Jarad from Upstate New York, Ted from Alaska, Tim from Appleby GW Store, and many others who’s name has slipped my mind.  This time around was a blast and I definitely plan to attend again next year.

Winter is still here and here’s a hobby update.

Note: This post was originally written before Adepticon in the middle of March.  I didn’t make any changes to keep it simple.  I just forgot to publish it two weeks ago.

It has been a hectic first two months of 2018.  I’ve been challenged to keep up with most of my commitments but so far I’ve done so to a limited success.  My writing here is has been sporadic but I have been making at least two posts a month (ideally I would like to get one a week).  Likewise I’ve completed my hobby commitments for January and February, albeit February was about a week into March.  Adepticon is rapidly approaching and I need to get cracking so I finally got some good pictures of my work and wanted to share them here.


January’s Commitment – 10 Man Novamarine Tactical Squad.

Good friend Jason of the “Masters of the Forge” podcast is forming a plan around a fan update to one of Warhammer 40,000’s greatest campaigns: The Badab Wars.  Its unofficial title, Bulging for Badab, is meant to be a way for armies of the various points in time to be included in the Badab Wars, including much the newly released Primaris Marines.  I’ve always really loved the numerous Chapters that were developed for this campaign and have been tempted to paint any number of them.  I settled on Novamarines.  Using some MK IV Tactical Squad I purchased on the cheap used, I re-purposed for the first unit.  I had some success with the unit except I need to get custom transfers from some where as most of the Badab Chapter’s transfer sheet are long out of print.  Unfortunately the Novamarines  will be going on the back burner for now as I work on other projects for events.


February’s Commitment – 10 Breachers, 1 Contemptor.

For February I wanted to work on my Zone Mortalis force for Adepticon.  However, I found myself distracted at the beginning of the month painting some Blood Angels.  A Blood Angels Captain which had been sitting on my work desk for nearly three years when I first started the army…


Following this, I kept the Blood Angel train rolling with a fun Forge World project in which I grab as many of their older kits that I can before they disappear forever.  In this case, the Venerable Chaplain Dreadnought:


I need to still put transfers on this bad boy.  But now I have TWO Dreadnought HQs for the Angels of Death.

Finally though with the deadline approaching, and only a week before Adepticon, I finished my Horus Heresy Ultramarine Breachers:


And the Contemptor:


With this all done I’m trying to get as many Blood Angels as I can get done before Adepticon but I will need for April 7th.   No problem, right?


This is to make my Blood Angels a little “Netlisty”.  Even including the now very popular Captain “Slamginius”…


Well, until next time, happy hobbying!

New Year, New Blog

It has been a certain goal of mine to start actively writing and other creative pursuits that I chased in my youth.  Where this blog will go and what it will accomplish I do not know.  For now it is my hope to be nothing if not consistently posting.  From there we’ll tackle actual quality of posts and writing.  At least I’m completing this on New Years Day.  It’s a good start to 2018.