The Long Drought

Four months is far too long to go without a post.  Much of the purpose in this blog was to get into the habit of writing in a more creative manner, as oppose to the more business and investigational oriented writing I do a work.  In a sense this has been a failure due to not successfully making it habitual.  However I refuse to give up.  I’ve recently faced some let downs at employment and as much as my mind would rather for me to give into hopelessness I want to press on with things I enjoy and bettering myself.

All that being told I have much catching up to do.  So much I wondered where to start.  So I figure now might be a good time to look at goals as we approach the end of the year.  With two months left, what can be realistically accomplished.  Thus far much of my focus has been on painting miniatures, which humourously has not been very focused.  Currently I am painting up a mob of Ork Boyz in honour of Orktober.  The only event I have scheduled is Da Boyz in two weeks.  I’m finally participating in a paper and pencil RPG. Otherwise I continue to enjoy a few video games as time permits.  Really these next two months are pretty open to many possibilities.


First up will be finishing a small mob of Boyz to go with my a trukk I had finished earlier which is pictured below.  Will this turn into an army?  Perhaps.  At least a small Kult of Speed.  Those new buggies are out of this world.  And appropriately, they’re Evil Suns.

Also on the docket has been some Harlequins that I started on a whim.  These have been a real disgrace and need to be finished before the end of the year at least a squad and a Starweaver.

Last has been another project I started which I’m call “All My Chapters”.  It’s soap opera meets Astrates!  Well actually it is an excuse to paint up as many of the Chapter colours which I love but will never have the time to do an entire army of.  I have slew of kits floating around that I’ve organized into various Chapters to be done.

So far I’ve completed one squad and a transport.  I suppose the goal is a vehicle and infantry Squad but not always…

So I’d like to finish another Squad and Vehicle combination for that project before the end of the year. I also have some almost done Astra Militarum vehicles I’d like to finish along with a nearly done Knight Errant.

Oh and then there is my Age of Sigmar Death army.  Originally planned for Da Boyz, I was not able to even assemble them.  So that’s something I’d like to get up to table top stand for Goldensprue in January.

Video Games

It seems odd to make goals around video games.  However there are some things I would really like to do this year.  First would be Extra Life, which is only a few days away.   In it I could maybe finally get my World of Warcraft main, a Dwarf Rogue, up to the new level cap.  I barely play anymore so it’s not so much a big deal.  Lastly as an effort to work on creative writing would be to pick a game coming out, avoid any sort of editorial coverage and do up a review to post here on the blog.  Making this a more regular feature has definitely been a goal of mine.


Really it should say “Programming”.  There’s been a couple of things I wanted to focus on first has to been to find an older functioning computer to learn how to program on in an older ecosystem.  Mostly my focus has been on finding either an Apple IIC or a Commodore 64.  No luck though I have a lead for a C64 in London.  We’ll see.  The second is complete a free online course for introduction to Python.  Very exciting no?

If the woman don’t find you handsome…

…they should at leas find you handy.  Perhaps this is too personal for this blog however work around the house has been something I’ve been slacking on.  Whether it’s a bench/storage for the front porch, a cover for the septic tank or shelving in my bedroom, I have a ton of little projects and perhaps they wouldn’t be terrible to share.

That’s not all but this post is rambling and long enough.  As they come, I will try to include my future endeavours.


Spring Hobby Wrap Up

We’re into Summer now and it’s high time I gave a report on the status of Hobby.  Since Adepticon I hadn’t had much time to attend any events other then wonderfully casual tournament at Flipside Gaming in Albany.  I did make it up with much painting.

March/April – A Deluge of Blood Angels

Back in March I gave a bit of hint with my Captain Slamginius on what I was working.  Technically it was for a run with a competitive list.  Thankfully though, they were all units I wanted anyways.  Otherwise I might have been really disappointed at the big FAQ and the beta change to deep striking on the first turn.  I am reminded why it is the narrative and hobby aspects of this game I love so much.  With that, saw hello to reinforcements to my Blood Angels 2nd Company, Dante’s Sanguinary Guard, and additional characters.

Captain Slamginius, the old Captain of 2nd Company that fell to the Black Rage on Baal during the Tyranid invasion.
Another addition to the Angel’s Priestly order.  Basically I needed a guy with a jump pack and a chainsword.
The Terminator I’d had sitting around for more then a year half finished.  The Jump Pack Librarian was built in April.
Primaris Ancient, a model I wish that was available outside the Starter Box.  I’d paint one up for every Chapter if I could.
Five additional Sanguinary Guard with a Sanguinary Ancient





Three new Primaris Marine Squads for my 2nd Company.  I’m missing several transfers because I couldn’t find my transfer sheet.

10th Company also received some love.
Lemartes needs some Death Company, done to his standard.

I also painted up some random other models I had sitting around in April.

Two Tech-Priest Enginseers
Cataphractii Terminators for my Horus Heresy Ultramarines.  I’m definitely not a fan of the bare sergeant head.  I plan to replace it in the future.

Though most of these were started in March, the bulk was done in April.  Definitely a productive month.

May/June – The Guard Ride Again

On to May and into June.  Technically the first week of May was finishing up the above models.  Then I decided to go back to a model that had been sitting primed for sometime…

It’s still not done, needing some details painted and transfers.  But I’m happy with it thus far.


Then my actual commitment for the month.



My Shadowsword!  This is a super heavy I’ve been wanting for some time.  And I painted up just in time for a big Apoc game occurring this weekend (more on that later).

For the event, I was also trying to crank out some of my remaining Guard vehicles.

Unfortunately I did not completely finish them, but very close.

So what’s up next?  Well this weekend is a giant Apocalypse game with friends in Albany.  Then its time for something completely different.

Lemon Meringue Pie?  No, Harlequins.


Goldensprue GT 2018 Recap

One of things I’ve begun doing this year is keeping a “Battle Journal”.  Yes that really silly book Game Workshop released.  One of my goals this year was to play more games of Warhammer 40,000 (but in reality, any game will do) and I thought this might be a fun way to both keep track an even encourage.  So far this year, I’ve played in two events and one local friendly game, giving me a total of 8 games played.  I thought a recap might be a fun exercise.

Yep, it’s Games Workshop “Battle Journal”.  Please excuse the doodles.

Goldensprue – January 13th and 14th, 2018 – Day One

The premiere event of the New York State’s Capitol Region and more importantly the recent event of some good friends in the Albany area, this is a tournament I would not necessarily go to if it were not for the fine people there.  I went into day one wanting to lose my first game (sad I know) in order to put myself in the loser bracket so I could actually have some fun.  I brought a list that’s quite common for me, a “Kitchen Sink” list of Blood Angels.

My Goldensprue 2018 Army.  Missing from photo: Seven Death Company.

I call it a Kitchen Sink list because other then two Tactical Squads, every other unit is unique making it virtually a Highlander list.  I bring what I have painted and what I’ll enjoy playing with. I also continue to work on my Blood Angel display board.  It’s meant to be a ruined portion of some city on Baal.  Its coming along but still really needs something to pop.

My first game was against a wonderful chap from Connecticut (I think, I’ve misplaced my Battle Journal to reference it).  He was playing Astra Militarum in a pretty tight list.  Lots of Infantry Squads, Veteran Squads, Leman Russ Battle Tanks, Hellhounds and Sentinels.  He was using the Tallarn Regimental rules so this meant Veteran Squads filled with meltaguns were up close and personal with outflanking while the Infantry Squads provided the screen for heavy weapon teams and Leman Russ’.  Due to some pretty poor rolls my big assault units, whom had deep striked down, none actually got into combat. This basically ensured they became target practice for the guard.  It was all downhill after that which accomplished exactly what my goal was; to lose soundly.  There was definitely some stratagems I could have used to help get that initial Beta strike to hit however I hadn’t practiced with my Blood Angels and did not know my stratagems well. My opponent was very friendly and his army was great.  The Guard infantry was all original pewter (Rogue Trader era) while his tanks were from Forge World, so I had a lot of appreciation for facing his army.

My second game was against the local “Papa Nurgle” himself, Pat.  Definitely a fun game and the reason I make the trip.  He had a mix of Nurgle Daemon and some Death Guard (Mortarion).  Pat had access to a preview copy of the Daemon Codex and it showed.  Here’s a hot tip to you all out there.  Do not charge 25 dameon Plaguebearer units.  They’re rather tough. Despite taking Mortarion down (which thanks to some fantastic rolling on Pat’s part, took the better part of three turns) I lost this game handily.  Mono God Daemons list, at least pertaining to Nurgle, have some fantastic overlapping buffs creating relatively fast, tough, and damaging servants of the Plague God list.


My third and final game of Day One was against another wonderful local, James and his Angels Vermilion.

It was the Battle of Blood with Sanguinor leading a host against its parent Chapter.   Honestly another battle I assumed I was going to lose due to some initial mess up.  I dropped my jump assault troops  first only to have them counter assaulted by James’ own assault units. Even Dante was cut down.  It was the armour and Tactical Squads that carried the day. With my assault units taking out his range, my own ranged troops whittled his James’ remaining forces until even the Sanginor fell to a barrage of Assault Cannon fire.  It was appropriate very bloody and I edge out a victory over this worthy opponent.

Is that the face of Hersey?  Or maybe I should look in a mirror…


Day Two

Day Two everyone was split into three groups.  The top eight continued the tournament. Other competitive players began an RTT.  And the people who liked to have fun played in a friendly event.

The first game I played with yet another local, and good friend, Josh with his crafty Craftworld Eldar.  I brought out my Astra Militarum for this battle.  I built a real jerk list by bringing not one but TWO super heavy tanks.  Admittedly one is a Macharius Vanquisher which is a glorified Leman Russ.  None the less I reassured that, as mean as it looked, this list was incredibly flawed. Especially his well rounded force of Space Elves would trounce it easily.  Such is the way with self-fulfilled prophecies.

“I got a bad feeling about this…”

We had a table with city runes and a really weird deployment where one side has a narrow strip in the center going half way up the board.  With my army being entirely mechanized I suggested I should be a convoy that gets ambushed by Josh’s Eldar.  My strongest element, a Stormlord being “buffed” by a Trojan, was making handy work of those sneaky xenos. The tide turned when Fire Dragon successfully took down the Macharius Vanquisher.  I told Josh to roll to see if it exploded.  He was unsuccessful.  He then decides to spend a command point to re-roll and promptly rolls a 6.  BOOM.  Not only did the the Fire Dragons take the brunt of the explosion, so did my entire army, popping other damaged vehicles and taking a chuck out of the Stormlord.  With victory in sight, the Eldar made their move and went in for the kill.  It was shortly over.

My second game of Day Two and final of the Tournament was against yet another local, Connor and his Death Guard.  This game I played a more traditional strategy of turtling up in the corner.  Despite a fairly furious barrage from IG, the incredibly resilient Death Guard hit my lines and it was game over.

A good old game of keep away.

At some point the Daemon Prince got into grips with the Stormlord. Out came it’s defenders, a Priest, a Company Commander and Oygrns.  Problem was, only the Orgyn unit made it into combat and lacking the buffs of the Priests, didn’t quite have the punch to take down the Daemon Prince.  It was valiant fight but for not. As the sun set on this losing battle, the Basilisk and Macharius Vanquisher began a withdrawal to save their valuable equipment from the corruption of Nurgle.

With that I had won one game out of five, but I still really enjoyed myself.  A big thanks goes out to all the crew of the Upstate Honor Guard and especially Adam for another fantastic event.  If you haven’t been and you live remotely close to the Northeastern U.S., do yourself a favour and check out the Goldensprue GT.  Its run annually at the Melvin Roads American Legion (which means there’s a bar!).

This piece is long enough so shortly I’ll touch on a Friendly Narrative event and my most recent game in a later post.

Hobby Goals for 2018 and Current Hobby Progress

It had not been my intention for such a gap between posts, but with recent lost in the family my time has been split between family and work and leaving little for my hobbies.

That being said I’ve also pushed back plans I had for another retrospective look back into 2017 in Video Games.  Look for that shortly.

Last year I attempted to complete a “Closet of Shame” Challenge over on the One Hour a Night Facebook group.  I did not reach my goal, only about 2/3rds of it.  Thus I’m still staring at my closest, full of shame.

Look at all that shame.  And it’s only the tip of the iceberg.


A promise I have made to my significant other is that I would really reduce the number of uncompleted kits in my possession.  Either through actually completing them or selling them off.  Ideally I’d rather complete them as selling them always just seems like losing money.  That being said, sanity and happiness in the home is more important then money.

Rather then just list every single thing I have, I’m going to break it down into the project I want to contribute to this year.  The big theme this year is “Outside the Comfort Zone”.  In addition to specific projects, there’s two major goals I have.

Goal #1 – Use my airbrush.  I’ve taken the CK Studio course, I’ve been to Aaron Lovejoy’s panel.  I don’t expect myself to do everything with it, but I know it will speed the process up.  It’s just a matter of getting a set up in my rather smallish office that I share with my significant other.

Goal #2 – Play more games! I purchased that silly battle journal and I’m determined to use it!  Honestly though, if I hadn’t attend a hand full of tournaments, I would have played three or four games at most.  Part of it means getting out of my comfort zone to play with people I don’t know as well locally since my good friends who I usually play with do not have the free time to play.

Goal #3 – Go on MiniWargaming.  I live like 45 minutes from them.  What am I doing?

On to the projects, these are NOT listed in order of priority:

First up is my Horus Hersey Ultramarines.

Commitments07.JPGThis army has a 1000 points already completed. My goal is to get this up to 3000 points.  I’m signed up for Zone Mortalis at Adepticon, so that will be 750 points right there.  I have Breacher Squad and Contemptor Dreadnought to complete for this among a few other things.  The biggest item will be my Legion Glaive.  It was such a disappointment to not get this thing done last year.  But being the centre piece of this army, I want it to be magnificent.  To date, all models have been done with rattle cans and brush work.  My goal is to start doing base coats with airbrush but nothing fancy as I want it to match the current stuff.  So no fades or modulation.

My second goal is a new army.  Novamarines!

My current efforts on a Novamarines Tactical Squad this month.

Can I gush a moment at how much I love the background and the Chapters of the Badab War?  I feel like with the passing of Alan Bligh and the out of print status of the books has only increased my desire.  A discussion went on a discord channel for the Masters of the Forge people about doing something similar to the “Tales of Four Warlords” from White Dwarf, however it would be done with a Badab twist.  Renamed something like “Warlords of Badab” (since it will have more then four people), people started claiming their chapters of choice.  Funny thing for me is there’s at least five if not more Chapters I would happily do, but I landed on Novamarines for this.  I really need to lay out a plan of exactly what I’m going to paint up for this army, rather then the just seemly random nature I tend to go with.  All that I’ve done is buy a ton of minis off a friend.  Its something I need to think about.  And quarter scheme?  Totally outside my comfort zone.

3rd is a Xenos army!  I don’t have a Xenos army.  I’ve love Eldar since the beginning.  I had a small force in 2nd Edition that I sold off.  Over the last year or so I’ve picked up both Craftworld and Dark Eldar kits I’ve wanted to do up.  But right now this is really on the back burner as I have some higher priorities.

4th will be my first Age of Sigmar army, to potentially be done in conjunction with some friends from Albany.  I’ll be focusing on Death, though not specifically which faction.  I currently have some Death Rattles and Vampires Counts.

5th Complete two Blood Bowl teams.  Humans and Dwarves.

Sadly nothing exciting to add to that last one.  So that’s my broad hobby goals for 2018.  Age of Sigmar and Ultramarines are expected to be focus on up front.

Thanks for reading.


2017 Miniature Painting in Review

When it comes to wargaming miniature painting, there are those who can produce much more and of much greater quality.  Even while coming up short of my goal for the “Hobby Intervention Commitment” over on the 1 Hour a Night Facebook group, am I still proud of my output.  Rather then post every single picture I took, I’ve included group shots of each project as a whole.

1. Horus Hersey Ultramarines.

Technically I painted a single Veteran squad and Rhino in 2016, but this year I started the army in earnest.  I’ve completed a full third of it.  Much like many people, I ran out of gas on this project with the coming of 8th edition.  In recent months I’ve come around on wanting to get back on this horse.  Motivation has come mostly from the Sons of Hersey podcast and will continued to be fuelled by commitments I’ve made for events at Adepticon.  This year I finished a 20 Marine Tactical Squad, another Rhino, Quad Mortars, Sicaran Venerator, Scropius Whirlwind and some command models.  I still have a ton of resin sitting in the closest so there’ll be no need to purchase anything in the near future.


2. Grey Knights

I have a very small force of Grey Knights which I continue to add to.  These guys were strange as I had a sudden craving to paint up a squad.  This is probably my quickest turn around ever.  From the time of purchasing the kit to being finished was about a week.  For 2018 I have a whole box set (Vanguard Strike Force I think…) to chew through.


3. Astra Militarum

My big project of 2016 continued to grow this year.  This army started based on the Armoured Battle Group of Imperial Armoury 1.  Though I can use the Spearhead force organization chart, the Astra Militarum’s strength now lays with its troops and strategems which require command points.  So I  will continue to work on this army going into 2018 to bring it up to battalion strength to support my numerous armoured forces.


4. Blood Angels

My army of 2015 and my secret love since adolescence.  My original army was Chaos Space Marines, but these guys were the ones I faced off across the table.  I never thought the high school chum, who was the gateway for this hobby, did them justice when painting them.  I have done only slightly better.  I still have some odds and ends to add in 2018, including some Primaris Aggressors with Flamestorm gauntlets.  Because Firebats.

2017_Blood Angels

Missing from this photo: Lightning Claw Assault Terminators.

5. Khorne Berserkers

When people speak of piles of shame, they do not know the self-loathing as I do.  Shame at having something sitting around for a year?  Five years?  Ten years?  These are nothing.  These Berserkers have been in my possession since they first came out in 1996 with the 2nd Edition Chaos Codex.  That’s right, 21 years.  I’ve had them longer then I have not had them.  Well now they are painted, but I still feel hollow inside.  Maybe once they have tasted the blood of my enemies, that hole will fill. Or maybe I’m just hungry. Only thing I think I might add is a third squad to make a Battalion and some Terminators for Zhufor the Impaler. Is that a spear on your head? Or are you just happy to see me?  Oddly enough, I also painted Kharn which is only a year old.


With that I here’s the everything together.  I forgot to include some Terminators and a small squad of Sisters of Battle I completed.

Thanks for reading!