Analog-Digital comes from place in me that has wanted to create for sometime.  In 2014 I returned to an old hobby, miniature wargaming, as a well of dealing with stress.  Very soon I realized that painting was something I both missed and greatly needed.  As I have become more proficient with my miniature painting, I’ve started to gain the confidence to share my works with the world.  But this blog is not just about miniature painting.

The purpose of title is represent the duality I’ve always felt in life.  Maybe its part of being born in 1979, neither really a Generation X or a Millennial (if you believe in such things).  I was young enough to adapt when the internet became widely available; yet I was old enough to remember a time before digital communication across the world wide web.  My interests can also be split in two. One exist in the real world; gardening, outdoors, hiking, hunting, canoeing, biking.  Things one might consider to be “analog”.  But these can also include table top roleplaying, miniature wargaming, painting, vinyl records, etc.  The digital represents the virtual self.  My love of computers, the internet, technology and video gaming. So any of these things can be represented on this blog.

The reality is I’m writing this blog for myself.  I’m writing about things I find interesting.  I hope other people find enjoyment in it.  But my primary goal is not rein in my electic nature, but to let it flourish.

If you’ve read this far, thank you.  Hopefully I don’t sound like a pretentious twat.