A Little Look Forward

Another year has come and gone, rather unceremoniously for myself.  The last half of year saw my writing efforts really peter out.  I don’t think anyone wants to read a half baked recap so lets continue to look forward and I hope to get all of my 2018 painting all together in a nice look back. Just for the sake of having something, here’s an the Anniversary Primaris Veteran Sergeant turned into something interesting as part of CK Studios Secret Selfish Santa.

Iron within, Iron without.

I realize we’re half way through February of 2019 but I have some goals for the first half of the year and see how it goes.

For Painting the plan is to go outside the comfort zone and work on some Xenos.  I’ve started working on some Dark Eldar and hope to get a small force up and running by the summer.  I will also continue with “All My Chapters”.

Currently scheme I’m thinking of going with for my Dark Eldar

In other artistic venues, this will be the year I pick up my Wacom Tablet and start learning how to draw with a computer.  Another goal was to take a credit either for my Art Fundamentals Certificate or my Adult Education Certificate.  There is a Photoshop course that I could count towards that Art Certificate, and thus two birds with one stone.

Finally travel.  It will be 10 years since I’ve last visited my homeland of the West Coast.  I think a trip to Vancouver Island is in store.

So that is it.  I’m not dead.  But this blog basically has been.  So it’s time pump some new life into it with some new experiences and progress.  Hopefully your year has been going well so far.


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