The Long Drought

Four months is far too long to go without a post.  Much of the purpose in this blog was to get into the habit of writing in a more creative manner, as oppose to the more business and investigational oriented writing I do a work.  In a sense this has been a failure due to not successfully making it habitual.  However I refuse to give up.  I’ve recently faced some let downs at employment and as much as my mind would rather for me to give into hopelessness I want to press on with things I enjoy and bettering myself.

All that being told I have much catching up to do.  So much I wondered where to start.  So I figure now might be a good time to look at goals as we approach the end of the year.  With two months left, what can be realistically accomplished.  Thus far much of my focus has been on painting miniatures, which humourously has not been very focused.  Currently I am painting up a mob of Ork Boyz in honour of Orktober.  The only event I have scheduled is Da Boyz in two weeks.  I’m finally participating in a paper and pencil RPG. Otherwise I continue to enjoy a few video games as time permits.  Really these next two months are pretty open to many possibilities.


First up will be finishing a small mob of Boyz to go with my a trukk I had finished earlier which is pictured below.  Will this turn into an army?  Perhaps.  At least a small Kult of Speed.  Those new buggies are out of this world.  And appropriately, they’re Evil Suns.

Also on the docket has been some Harlequins that I started on a whim.  These have been a real disgrace and need to be finished before the end of the year at least a squad and a Starweaver.

Last has been another project I started which I’m call “All My Chapters”.  It’s soap opera meets Astrates!  Well actually it is an excuse to paint up as many of the Chapter colours which I love but will never have the time to do an entire army of.  I have slew of kits floating around that I’ve organized into various Chapters to be done.

So far I’ve completed one squad and a transport.  I suppose the goal is a vehicle and infantry Squad but not always…

So I’d like to finish another Squad and Vehicle combination for that project before the end of the year. I also have some almost done Astra Militarum vehicles I’d like to finish along with a nearly done Knight Errant.

Oh and then there is my Age of Sigmar Death army.  Originally planned for Da Boyz, I was not able to even assemble them.  So that’s something I’d like to get up to table top stand for Goldensprue in January.

Video Games

It seems odd to make goals around video games.  However there are some things I would really like to do this year.  First would be Extra Life, which is only a few days away.   In it I could maybe finally get my World of Warcraft main, a Dwarf Rogue, up to the new level cap.  I barely play anymore so it’s not so much a big deal.  Lastly as an effort to work on creative writing would be to pick a game coming out, avoid any sort of editorial coverage and do up a review to post here on the blog.  Making this a more regular feature has definitely been a goal of mine.


Really it should say “Programming”.  There’s been a couple of things I wanted to focus on first has to been to find an older functioning computer to learn how to program on in an older ecosystem.  Mostly my focus has been on finding either an Apple IIC or a Commodore 64.  No luck though I have a lead for a C64 in London.  We’ll see.  The second is complete a free online course for introduction to Python.  Very exciting no?

If the woman don’t find you handsome…

…they should at leas find you handy.  Perhaps this is too personal for this blog however work around the house has been something I’ve been slacking on.  Whether it’s a bench/storage for the front porch, a cover for the septic tank or shelving in my bedroom, I have a ton of little projects and perhaps they wouldn’t be terrible to share.

That’s not all but this post is rambling and long enough.  As they come, I will try to include my future endeavours.


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