Spring Hobby Wrap Up

We’re into Summer now and it’s high time I gave a report on the status of Hobby.  Since Adepticon I hadn’t had much time to attend any events other then wonderfully casual tournament at Flipside Gaming in Albany.  I did make it up with much painting.

March/April – A Deluge of Blood Angels

Back in March I gave a bit of hint with my Captain Slamginius on what I was working.  Technically it was for a run with a competitive list.  Thankfully though, they were all units I wanted anyways.  Otherwise I might have been really disappointed at the big FAQ and the beta change to deep striking on the first turn.  I am reminded why it is the narrative and hobby aspects of this game I love so much.  With that, saw hello to reinforcements to my Blood Angels 2nd Company, Dante’s Sanguinary Guard, and additional characters.

Captain Slamginius, the old Captain of 2nd Company that fell to the Black Rage on Baal during the Tyranid invasion.
Another addition to the Angel’s Priestly order.  Basically I needed a guy with a jump pack and a chainsword.
The Terminator I’d had sitting around for more then a year half finished.  The Jump Pack Librarian was built in April.
Primaris Ancient, a model I wish that was available outside the Starter Box.  I’d paint one up for every Chapter if I could.
Five additional Sanguinary Guard with a Sanguinary Ancient





Three new Primaris Marine Squads for my 2nd Company.  I’m missing several transfers because I couldn’t find my transfer sheet.

10th Company also received some love.
Lemartes needs some Death Company, done to his standard.

I also painted up some random other models I had sitting around in April.

Two Tech-Priest Enginseers
Cataphractii Terminators for my Horus Heresy Ultramarines.  I’m definitely not a fan of the bare sergeant head.  I plan to replace it in the future.

Though most of these were started in March, the bulk was done in April.  Definitely a productive month.

May/June – The Guard Ride Again

On to May and into June.  Technically the first week of May was finishing up the above models.  Then I decided to go back to a model that had been sitting primed for sometime…

It’s still not done, needing some details painted and transfers.  But I’m happy with it thus far.


Then my actual commitment for the month.



My Shadowsword!  This is a super heavy I’ve been wanting for some time.  And I painted up just in time for a big Apoc game occurring this weekend (more on that later).

For the event, I was also trying to crank out some of my remaining Guard vehicles.

Unfortunately I did not completely finish them, but very close.

So what’s up next?  Well this weekend is a giant Apocalypse game with friends in Albany.  Then its time for something completely different.

Lemon Meringue Pie?  No, Harlequins.


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