Return to Ultramar Event

This weekend I will be participating in a large Apocolypse event. Two other Imperial Guard Players and myself will join forces to halt a massing horde of Orks.  I wrote up a little narrative from the Imperial point of view and figured I would share it here.



Not since the first great betrayal experienced by the Sons of Ultramar ten millennia ago had the Five Hundred Worlds witnessed this scale of war.  The Theatre of War being waged by the various forces of Chaos seemed almost all consuming. It was taking virtually all of Guiliman’s various and vast military might to counter the sundry armies of the Ruinous Powers.  Though being currently contained this war was still precariously close to the precipice of defeat. It was under these conditions that a large group of Greenskins entered the Ultima Segmentum from the southern fringes.

The first warnings of this untimely invasion came from astropathic distress calls from the Fortress World of Ongrath.  Guilliman had none of his own prodigney to spare against what theortically seen as the lesser threat. The Ultramarine’s Primarch initially requested the Sons of Garro to lead a coalition of Imperial Forces to the defense of Ongrath. If the relief forces arrived after the fall of Ongrath, then the repulsion of the Xenos threat and the recapture of Ongrath would be the requirement. Nar Estani the Repented, Captain of the 4th Company, Sons of Garro gathered several Guard Regiments from Krieg, Cadia, and Valhalla, along with voluntary assistances from the Order of Our Martyred Lady lead by the venerable Canoness Kane.

To Guilliman this force seemed easily sufficient for the practical application of a complete annihilation against a foe who surely must had suffered under the Cicatrix Maledictum as much as any other race in the Galaxy. No doubt this would have been the case if said force had arrived as expected.  Instead, piecemeal, various Astra Militarum Regiments entered the system. Initially out gunned, the scattered Imperial Navy fleet kited the Ork capital ships while waiting for more of the response armada to arrive and regroup with. Though the bulk of the Guard Regiments had arrive, there was still no word of either the Sons of Garro or the Order of Our Martyred Lady.  Believed to be possibly lost in Warp, word was sent back to Guilliman.


Exacerbated by the complications of this nuisance, Guilliman found assistance offered where once it had been given. First was Company Master Helbron of the Dark Angels, freshly in the system as reinforcements. Then came Commander Dante of the Blood Angels, arriving to repay what the Chapter saw was a recent debt to their salvation on Baal.  It was not without a sense of nostalgia that Guilliman thought back to a similar time, many thousands of years ago, when these three Legions worked together for a common cause. Guilliman was grateful that both Dante and Helbron and their respective Chapters would be the spearhead to deal with this threat. Preparing there fleets, both Commanders made good time to Ongrath to lead the resistance.  To their surprise, the Fortress World still stood. They worked quickly to organize the deployment and reinforcement of Ongrath.

At the time of deployment; the Imperial roll call was recorded as such:


Astra Militarum

Lord Marshal Gallien- overall Astra Militarum Command

317st Cadian Regiment
56th Laurentian Guard Armoured Corp

Death Korps of Krieg Artillery Regiment 4077, 3rd Company

42nd Valhallan Armored Regiment, 6th Company

reinforced with Abhuman Auxiliary Platoon
1516th Super Heavy Regiment
2nd New Caledonian Super Heavy Regiment

Unknown Catachan Warrior

Knight Houses


House Raven
House Hawkshrowd

Titan Legions


Legio Metallica

Adeptus Astartes


Company Master Helbron

Dark Angels 5th Company, reinforced


Lord Commander Dante

Sanguinary Guard

Blood Angels 1st Company

Blood Angels 2nd Company

Reinforced with 10th Company Scouts.



Squad Blood Ravens


The Holy Orders of the Emperor’s Inquisition


Inquisitor Indalicia Sobrino de Hidalgo

Deathwatch Librarian Drasar Qarem

++-Redacted-++ Strike Force Raven Guard

++-Redacted-++ members of the Officio Assassinorum

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