Goldensprue GT 2018 Recap

One of things I’ve begun doing this year is keeping a “Battle Journal”.  Yes that really silly book Game Workshop released.  One of my goals this year was to play more games of Warhammer 40,000 (but in reality, any game will do) and I thought this might be a fun way to both keep track an even encourage.  So far this year, I’ve played in two events and one local friendly game, giving me a total of 8 games played.  I thought a recap might be a fun exercise.

Yep, it’s Games Workshop “Battle Journal”.  Please excuse the doodles.

Goldensprue – January 13th and 14th, 2018 – Day One

The premiere event of the New York State’s Capitol Region and more importantly the recent event of some good friends in the Albany area, this is a tournament I would not necessarily go to if it were not for the fine people there.  I went into day one wanting to lose my first game (sad I know) in order to put myself in the loser bracket so I could actually have some fun.  I brought a list that’s quite common for me, a “Kitchen Sink” list of Blood Angels.

My Goldensprue 2018 Army.  Missing from photo: Seven Death Company.

I call it a Kitchen Sink list because other then two Tactical Squads, every other unit is unique making it virtually a Highlander list.  I bring what I have painted and what I’ll enjoy playing with. I also continue to work on my Blood Angel display board.  It’s meant to be a ruined portion of some city on Baal.  Its coming along but still really needs something to pop.

My first game was against a wonderful chap from Connecticut (I think, I’ve misplaced my Battle Journal to reference it).  He was playing Astra Militarum in a pretty tight list.  Lots of Infantry Squads, Veteran Squads, Leman Russ Battle Tanks, Hellhounds and Sentinels.  He was using the Tallarn Regimental rules so this meant Veteran Squads filled with meltaguns were up close and personal with outflanking while the Infantry Squads provided the screen for heavy weapon teams and Leman Russ’.  Due to some pretty poor rolls my big assault units, whom had deep striked down, none actually got into combat. This basically ensured they became target practice for the guard.  It was all downhill after that which accomplished exactly what my goal was; to lose soundly.  There was definitely some stratagems I could have used to help get that initial Beta strike to hit however I hadn’t practiced with my Blood Angels and did not know my stratagems well. My opponent was very friendly and his army was great.  The Guard infantry was all original pewter (Rogue Trader era) while his tanks were from Forge World, so I had a lot of appreciation for facing his army.

My second game was against the local “Papa Nurgle” himself, Pat.  Definitely a fun game and the reason I make the trip.  He had a mix of Nurgle Daemon and some Death Guard (Mortarion).  Pat had access to a preview copy of the Daemon Codex and it showed.  Here’s a hot tip to you all out there.  Do not charge 25 dameon Plaguebearer units.  They’re rather tough. Despite taking Mortarion down (which thanks to some fantastic rolling on Pat’s part, took the better part of three turns) I lost this game handily.  Mono God Daemons list, at least pertaining to Nurgle, have some fantastic overlapping buffs creating relatively fast, tough, and damaging servants of the Plague God list.


My third and final game of Day One was against another wonderful local, James and his Angels Vermilion.

It was the Battle of Blood with Sanguinor leading a host against its parent Chapter.   Honestly another battle I assumed I was going to lose due to some initial mess up.  I dropped my jump assault troops  first only to have them counter assaulted by James’ own assault units. Even Dante was cut down.  It was the armour and Tactical Squads that carried the day. With my assault units taking out his range, my own ranged troops whittled his James’ remaining forces until even the Sanginor fell to a barrage of Assault Cannon fire.  It was appropriate very bloody and I edge out a victory over this worthy opponent.

Is that the face of Hersey?  Or maybe I should look in a mirror…


Day Two

Day Two everyone was split into three groups.  The top eight continued the tournament. Other competitive players began an RTT.  And the people who liked to have fun played in a friendly event.

The first game I played with yet another local, and good friend, Josh with his crafty Craftworld Eldar.  I brought out my Astra Militarum for this battle.  I built a real jerk list by bringing not one but TWO super heavy tanks.  Admittedly one is a Macharius Vanquisher which is a glorified Leman Russ.  None the less I reassured that, as mean as it looked, this list was incredibly flawed. Especially his well rounded force of Space Elves would trounce it easily.  Such is the way with self-fulfilled prophecies.

“I got a bad feeling about this…”

We had a table with city runes and a really weird deployment where one side has a narrow strip in the center going half way up the board.  With my army being entirely mechanized I suggested I should be a convoy that gets ambushed by Josh’s Eldar.  My strongest element, a Stormlord being “buffed” by a Trojan, was making handy work of those sneaky xenos. The tide turned when Fire Dragon successfully took down the Macharius Vanquisher.  I told Josh to roll to see if it exploded.  He was unsuccessful.  He then decides to spend a command point to re-roll and promptly rolls a 6.  BOOM.  Not only did the the Fire Dragons take the brunt of the explosion, so did my entire army, popping other damaged vehicles and taking a chuck out of the Stormlord.  With victory in sight, the Eldar made their move and went in for the kill.  It was shortly over.

My second game of Day Two and final of the Tournament was against yet another local, Connor and his Death Guard.  This game I played a more traditional strategy of turtling up in the corner.  Despite a fairly furious barrage from IG, the incredibly resilient Death Guard hit my lines and it was game over.

A good old game of keep away.

At some point the Daemon Prince got into grips with the Stormlord. Out came it’s defenders, a Priest, a Company Commander and Oygrns.  Problem was, only the Orgyn unit made it into combat and lacking the buffs of the Priests, didn’t quite have the punch to take down the Daemon Prince.  It was valiant fight but for not. As the sun set on this losing battle, the Basilisk and Macharius Vanquisher began a withdrawal to save their valuable equipment from the corruption of Nurgle.

With that I had won one game out of five, but I still really enjoyed myself.  A big thanks goes out to all the crew of the Upstate Honor Guard and especially Adam for another fantastic event.  If you haven’t been and you live remotely close to the Northeastern U.S., do yourself a favour and check out the Goldensprue GT.  Its run annually at the Melvin Roads American Legion (which means there’s a bar!).

This piece is long enough so shortly I’ll touch on a Friendly Narrative event and my most recent game in a later post.

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